Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Song !

Probably the most beautiful song I have heard - and will love all my life............Neil Sedakas 'You mean everything to me' - this inchie is front and back with just the lyrics of the first two verses which are just beautiful. here is the man himself singing the song:

You are the answer to my lonely prayer, You are an angel from above, I was so lonely till you came to me, with the wonder of your love.  I don't know how I ever lived before, you are my life, My Destiny, Oh my Darling I love you so - YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME.

& here is the front of my Inchie :

This inchie stirs up lots of emotions.


  1. I like this one. great job, such a small print on this one !

  2. Beautiful reminder of the song

    Love Chrissie x

  3. I love it that you did the back too and what a great interpretation.

  4. Wonderful idea to write the lyrics on the inchie. Youtube does not let me hear the song at the moment. I have to come back to it later.