Saturday, 17 August 2013

I visited my brother today

it was nice to go catch up with what they are doing ............... told them about Gunner - they were upset too, Gunner was with us for 10 years. Seems strange that my brother and sister in law are just about to retire............another chapter in our lives. Then it'll be my sister and her hubby and then us (that's IF we shall ever be financially able to retire) - I can't see it myself. Fingers crossed and hope above all hope that we can. Anyway, it was a nice afternoon. Went to a little craft fayre - Joy from work was running a stall - she's selling almost everything off, she's been a cardmaker for years, must admit her cards were pretty fab - she's split with her hubby and moving to a small place and decided to get rid of everything. I bought 2 x lots of scrapbook cardstock from her over the last couple of weeks at £14 for the lot - was quite a few sheets and then spent another £10 with her today = NOW I have to stop buying, not just from Joy but generally, especially if I cut down to 4 days a week I shall lose £200 per month so the £20 - £30 I spend of crafting per week'ish needs to be eliminated and now we don't have the dog food around £7 a week and dog insurance £30 a month that is what I shall be losing in wages...........I must be strong, I must be strong. AND I MUST MUST MUST NEVER BUY ANY MORE CARDSTOCK OR PAPERS BECAUSE I HAVE LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS AND WILL NEVER USE THEM ALL UP!

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