Thursday, 8 December 2016

In January 2016...................

Henny and Margeet on the Netherlands Inchies Group were arranging to do a book each month of 10 inchies themed for the month and show each other on 15th of the month what they had come up with - well we all got involved and so each 15th of the month we showed our 10 inchies with the theme.

January - Winter
February - Valentine (of course)
March - Afternoon Tea
April - Flowers
May Animals.
June - Stamping
July - Summer-time
August - The Best of Holland/Brittain
September - Magazines/Media
October - Halloween (of course)
November - Black and White
December - Whatever happens in December !

here are mine - still need to make the front and back covers but doubt that will EVER be done.

New book starts on 15th December for January upload.

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