Saturday, 17 December 2016

well i lost 2lb's whoop whoop

But had a terrible day food wise ...............

went out with korin and we got the last bits and pieces.  I've eaten lots of chocolate and panini and a sheek kebab from the indian and a naan bread too - OMFG !  I probably put that 2lb's back on.

So gotta be good from tomorrow would love to be 11.12 next Saturday morning, I can do this I know I can.

Took the Benny Boo to Paw Pounders again, it was a lot calmer than the last time but it was so lovely letting him off the lead again to walk around and relax a bit.  He loved it and me and Korin Loved it too.

Still got quite a bit to do before Christmas and wrap the presents - still haven't got nything for keir but I think he may want a sound bar, we'll see.  if not I'm puitting £100 into an envelope for him.

8 sleeps to Christmas day ............ this year has rushed by.  had a snidey text from Janet about sending sisters cards !  yet she never contacts me anymore.  i am fed up people thinking they can say and do what they like to me and get away with it.  I want to reply quite nastily but I know i wont, and yet again just take another jibe at me like I always take time and time and time agian.

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