Thursday, 1 December 2016

I really have got to got to got to lose some weight

Felt really big although I wasn't according to the scales.

Feel better for being less negative without Marian in my life, I didn't realise what a loser she was all those years and all that moaning to me making me feel negative every bloody day, she had a sad life - not a bad life, but a sad life being married to that bastard - well two bastards together eh.

1st December, in the past I have lost 6lb's in one week on Slimming world the week before Christmas so I could if I really tried lose 8 - 10lb's before Christmas if I just stuck at it properly.  Got to try so hard.

Denise came over today to work.  I rang that woman every other day after her partner died and she always said I will ring you and she never did ..................... and again I would ring her to make sure she was OK.  Why do I give people so many chances ????  NO MORE.  She said again, I will ring you Yeah Yeah Yeah - I'm NOT ringing her she can go spin on it.

No more chances for people who treat me like shit.

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