Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday I got Friday on my mind !

Can't wait until Christmas to have a week off work, I know I only do 3 hours a day but it's so bloody miserable working in that fucking office.

Monday morning and I am already fed up knowing I am prepping again and that they will have left loads for me to do in those 3 hours.  I wish I could pack up work, but know that my £600 a month helps considerably, although I could cut down drastically if I didn't have it, however, my wrist and thumb are hurting again and so I couldn't do my reflexology.  Fate has a habit of giving us lots of twists and turns.

Anyway, better get showered I supposed and get my arse to work as it's now 8 oclock and I should be drying my hair let alone sitting on this bloody computer typing away/

Key at shop for 3 days !  -  bloody iced up big time out there too.

good news is that Keir and Ali did the baby nursery and it looks good already.  I worry though she is doing too much being 7.5 months pregnant.

love their house too - wish I was settled in a little house like this too, hardly any cleaning and basic and keep everything to a minimum.

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