Sunday, 11 December 2016

Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday

firstly Key was off and cleaned behind my fridge/freezer and all down the walls and on top of the cupboards etc - a job I hate doing and didn't have to do for the first Christmas in 40 years - I have always done it before.#

Then walking Benny he was so good with me and Korin (have booked up for paw pounders again next week) as a pre christmas treat for him as he loved it so much before.

Then at 3 pm we went to Keirs - and Key helped Keir put their stuff up in the loft and then we went to the 3D scan of Luna Rose Antoinette - beautiful name for a beautiful baby, I couldn't help my eyes running again ha ha .

She is the spit of Alison, with mine and Keirs nose - I hope that she also looks a bit like Keir, I miss my kids being kids - being babies.

then on the early evening we went to the Ladybridge again for a meal - with Keir and Ali and baby bump - it wasn't a marvellous meal - but it was a festive atmosphere and everyone else enjoyed their meals, but it was also pretty expensive.  No other Christmas meals then.

just got to get keir his christmas present now and a couple of things for one for ali and a couple more for Key for his christmas stocking, then next weekend i have to get them all wrapped.  Korin has the most presents which is normal as she still lives at home.

all in all it's been a lovely weekend.  

Happy Christmas to everyone - and me and mine.  I hope it's a good one.

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