Friday, 3 August 2012

another two weeks off work

physio says its possibly my hamstring - or sciatic nerve - but more than likely arthritis which the GP says it is - gotta go back for some machine or other on my knee next tuesday - went to GP (was put back on crutches by the physio) and GP said immediately 2 weeks off - but possibly it'll be a long process as I've obviously done more damage than good. I went into work for 4 weeks hobbling around - in agony - running up and down stairs and to and fro outpatients dept etc etc - it was too much for the knee. So now I'm paying the price - hate taking so much time off work - especially when you are looking for a job, as soon as you say how many days you've had off sick - thats you done for ! Ah well, my main priority now is to get my leg better . ,

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