Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Had the builders in !

We have a new house - well we've been here 2.5 years now and from day one the floors to the bedroom (above lounge) and the bedroom on 3rd floor above my bedroom the floors creek and crack something rotten..............impossible to sleep when my daughter gets out of bed or when my son and his GF get up to go watch some films on the 'big' TV downstairs - the floors wake me EVERYTIME. Anyway, cutting a long long story short I rang the house builder and apparently they've had the same problems on this small estate at other houses - and so they sent in the builders............... I dreaded them coming, the disruption (because of my bad leg and worried that I would be on the go all the time) but I needn't have worried they were very curtious and professional - got on with the job, cleaned up completely and have done an excellent job to the floors - THEY aren't 100% - didn't expect to be completely 'noise free' but I must admit that sons and GF's floor is probably 90% better and DD's floor is around 75-85% better - can't be bad eh. AND - although my leg is still bad - I was able to rest on my bed - at my computer and not do an awful lot really. Thanks chaps - you were excellent. Will have to send a report David Wilson.

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