Saturday, 4 August 2012

4th weigh in at Slimming World

on my own as Olivia is away today - she is though keeping up her SW regime - I hope. It;'s so easy to put weight on - much more difficult to lose it. BUT - although my own scales (which were exactly the same as SW on the last two weeks weigh in) showed me below 12 stones again - 11.13 (only just) - when I got to SW I was showing 12 stones - poo ! There is always next week I suppose. Got home quick weigh - yep definitely showing 11.13. I really question this. BUT - again another BUT - I am now officially 7.5lb's lighter than I was 4 weeks ago - and my clothes are starting to fit me again............and 1.5 stones lighter than I was when I first returned to slimming world August not too shabby really. However, my leg is still bad - I couldn't stay to class because the pain in the leg was really bad by the time I;m hobbled in there came home swigged a cuppa and painkillers (because I can't drive with the painkillers) and went to bed. FEELING much better this afternoon and leg (dare I say it) is feeling improved. BLOODY HOPE SO ANYWAY.

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