Thursday, 16 August 2012

Very Down In The Dumps !

Feeling very sorry for myself. Leg is probably 65% - 70% better than it was. At least I don;t have the diabolical pain all day every day as I was. Went to GP today as I should be back at work tomorrow was expecting her to say another fortnight off work (have had 3 weeks so far). To be honest and truthful I know I wouldn't cope with my job with the leg still being as it is, I know that IF I had gone back tomorrow within a few days I would be back to square one 'painwise' - and the physio also said I shouldn't go back just yet. BUT the GP has signed me off for a month. This was a shock. She did say 'see how it goes and ONLY IF your leg is completely better should you go back before the end of a month' - so we shall have to wait and see. Still tired and worn out though - tablets don't help and sick of pain every time I stand from a sitting position. BUT definitely improved.

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