Monday, 27 August 2012

Dyed my hair - at long long last

still didn't feel like doing it - not just the doing of it (which i hate anyway) but standing up on my leg in one place whilst putting the dye on has been 'too much' to bear. Thankfully the leg is definitely improving and as it's Olivias 21st birthday tomorrow and we are going out for a meal - then I needed to get it done. I am 5 weeks behind doing it - it was disgraceful - was going to take a pic but don't think I could have beared to look at it myself. Whatever people have been thinking about me I do not know. Did try on two occasions to ring Korins hairdresser to get it done but it was always last minute and she couldn't fit me in. Ah well - hopefully it will turn out ok as I've only ever dyed it when it's only a cm roots - this time it was 2 and a bit cm roots - AWFUL.

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