Saturday, 18 August 2012

even more depressed - half a pound on at SW

6th weigh in and I gained half a pound - stayed the same last week - don't know what the hell is going on !!!!!! should be losing. BUT I'm not excercising. When I lost on SW before I was working 28 hours a week and with my job I'm on the go most of the day - so no exercise is definitely a contributing factor to maybe not losing as easily but to gain when I've basically had a very good week - can't say excellent or 100% but a very very good week. very disappointed in myself. Never mind eh, can but try a bit harder - see how next week goes. Will have more fruit and veg and cut down on meat and carbs - hope that helps a bit.


  1. Hi Gilly, don't worry too much, it happens and you end up doing the "hokey cokey" for a few weeks (a bit of weight on, a bit off and then on again!!).

    I have found that it does not matter how much I eat (or don't eat) it is the exercise that really counts in my weight loss. Without the exercise I don't loose.

  2. I feel for you Gilly, I had more weeks when I didn't lose anything than the other way round when I was doing WW. It took me 18 months of starvation to get to goal and I learned that my body doesn't work the same as other people, I actually needed a good roast dinner once a week to lose weight!!