Sunday, 23 December 2012

Never rains but it pours - literally

korins car is leaking in very badly - 2" water whilst it was parked half on half off the kerb - that needs to be sorted. SHE still hasnt' been paid from her job she jacked in - hope she gets paid as she needs to pay for her car tax - we paid for it 6 months ago and cannot keep helping her out every month with an extra couple of hundred pounds ! We had some good news - drew £1000 from the shop to pay for Christmas - just about covered it - worked it out we've spent around £900 on Christmas altogether. THEN we felt guilty not giving the kids anything from the £1000 so ended up giving them an extra £50 to spend. Poor Keir - rings up his laptop cable has broken and it's going to cost around £40 to buy a new one - so the 50 came in handy - BUT he has no extra now for Christmas. I gave £20 to the tamworth foodbank and WANT to get involved in 2013. We walked gunner, nice relaxing walk came home to find that I have a flat tyre - so that'll be around £75 - our Christmas has become VERY expensive now. Happy Christmas everyone.

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