Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day off to get trimmings up and out for a meal with cousin

got the trimmings up but cousin couldn't make a meal as she had to get her decorations up too today . Never mind eh - supposed to be meeting her next thursday now - we'll see. Decorations done:
Usually have the tree all one colour - but this year used all the baubles etc from many years - some from my moms christmas tree (they made me cry) and all the ones I bought for the kids as the years went by, always bought them each a new bauble every christmas - pleased with the result as I'm usually not happy with multi colour.
this angel is from when the kids were tiny ! She smells very musty but felt I wanted to pop her on the top of the tree this year.
these 'flowers' are years and years old ! Probably the last time I can use them.

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