Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rollercoaster ride of emotions !

I went to doctors today for the first appointment for treatment of my diabetes. I was frightened and worried and have been very tearful. Hubby came with me for support, he's great. Got to docs and receptionist who is very nice said that I needed to bring my appointment earlier on monday to see the Diabetic Nurse and bring a urine sample so it can be checked at George Elliot Hospital BEFORE christmas - as next Monday is Christmas Eve. The doctor I was seeings - wife - was in reception, she is also a doctor and she explained about not being worried and that they 'as a surgery' would look after me etc. She explained that I could go and have my eyes tested for free and that they'd monitor me all the way through. I was still feeling very nervous. Got into the doctors surgery and the doctor said 'what have you come for' and I said that I had been diagnosed as diabetic and that I needed to get started on my treatment or advice etc...............he frowned and looked at the computer and looked again and hubby read 'patient is now type 2 diabetic' - and he scratched his chin and said 'who diagnosed you' and I said it was doctor 'xxxxxx' and he said 'YOU ARE NOT DIABETIC' the results have been read wrongly. He said my blood sugar was high but nothing worse than August 2010 - he said to watch what I was eating and drinking and more exercise but I may still develop diabetes when I'm older in say '10 years time'. AGAIN I WAS IN ShOCK. He then got his wife to come into the surgery and CHANGE the computer from 'patient is type 2 diabetic' to 'patient is not diabetic'. I am angry they have put me through so much stress and anxiety over the last few days but obviously ELATED that I am NOT diabetic.

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