Monday, 17 December 2012

I feel as if my world is quickly falling apart !

work has been 'vile' again...........I am not averse (sp?) to hard work, in fact it makes the day go by more quickly............but my goodness it is just work work work work work - and the stress of worrying if it's not all done by the time you go home, my chest has been hurting and I've been feeling very weary, tearful etc by the time I get home. To cap things off - I did a reflexology treatment today - a lovely lady lyn whos been coming to me for over 10 years - she's had a bad time and I was saying that maybe things will be better for us both next year 2013 ! AND she wished me all the best and I her. The phone rang within 10 minutes and it was the doctors surgery and the receptionist wanted me to make an appointment for the doctor and the practice nurse as my blood tests have confirmed that I am now diabetic. I AM IN SHOCK, I was expecting statins (sp?) for high cholesterol, but to be told on the phone I am now diabetic............well I keep bursting into tears. Just another thing to add to all the bloody hospital appointments and something else for me to worry about. I feel so so low.

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