Sunday, 9 December 2012

Whats on 10th - 24th December !

Meal arranged with cousin on 12th - gotta fast and fast NOW ! Meal arranged (gotta take the menu in tomorrow) - for family on 16th (next Sunday) thats come round quick. Crafting with a friend on afternoon of 16th - still gotta make up the 'star book' elements for the craft afternoon - gotta get this done this week. Meal on 18th from work - don't know if I'm looking forward to this - but never mind it'll be OK I'm sure. 21st meet up with family to meet the twins at my nieces house - think this is the friday. list of things still to do: washing up to date - too busy weekend to do it all. Change beds. Dye my hair & get it cut. Sort meal 16th sort starbook 16th Koz for jumper & pandora charm. Pressie for Olivia & Keir (thinking of a costa voucher too). Put decorations and tree up - wreath on front door. Clean oven. Clean work tops off - clean out cupboards and wipe all kitchen down etc. Clean fridge freezer out. French windows - I like em to sparkle (with bad knee over last few months haven't had them sparkling). Money in card and send Christophers card. Get the food shopping etc. CLEAN HOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

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