Friday, 21 December 2012

21.12.12 - world supposed to end today at 11.11 am

well its 5.20 pm and we are still here - thank goodness. Went to Alisons (my niece) straight from work - well a quick trip to tescos and then walked all the way down to Alisons flat - I was knackered. BUT to get to meet the twins and see Mackenzie again - she's a beautiful little girl. AND the twins adorable. will have to get some more pics off facebook as I think my camera isn't working properly at the family meal last week it was all blurry - nearly every bloody photograph. AND again today.
and Key's Christmas card, couldn't bring myself to pay a fiver for a card - this one was two quid and I loved the stained-glass effect and thought I could just put 'for my husband' on the front - that is what I did.

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