Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas is coming ! Well we all know that don't we.

Want to go to Derby shopping next Sunday morning - so need to be out early for parking. Want to go see the new twilight film before Christmas too. Have a meet up with my friend to craft week after next. Actually going for a meal with work colleagues - NOW THAT WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED 12 months ago - I cannot believe I agreed to go - but there are now three nice girls in the office whom I get on with. Have a planned meal with my brother and sister and their families on 16th pm - I've organised it at a Harvester and really looking forward to the catch up. And an evening over at my cousins for tea over Christmas some time. We normally have absolutely loads planned but not had much come in this year - and speaking to others they havent got much on either. Only 2/3 days off for Christmas anyhow. Might try and book something for a long weekend for me and hubby in the New Year

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